JCP series offer a number of features that maximize cleanability, and it is approved of EHEDG and 3-A authorization. Precision casted casing and compact seal system extend seal life, which minimizes down time of system. External balanced Front Loading Seal extends seal life and easy to maintenance.


♦Less downtime and faster maintenance due to front-loading seal

♦Suitable for EHEDG and 3-A, 1935/2004, FDA and ATEX standards

♦Designed for heavy-duty, high efficiency applications

♦High efficiency and low power consumption

♦Totally cleanable and self-draining for CIP and SIP to meet EHEDG and 3-A standards

♦Low NPSH requirement and noise level

♦Faster maintenance, easier cleaning and less downtime due to unique front loading seal design

♦Easy to interchangeable from a single seal to double seal in minutes

♦One sized shaft seal & Optional base mount version

♦Maximum pressure : 145psi(10bar)

♦Maximum capacity : 440GPM(100 ㎥/hr)

♦Ideal for hygienic process in dairies, foods, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, breweries and water treatments

♦Mirror finish-standard 0.6 ㎛Ra optional 0.4 ㎛Ra (16Ra, 192grit)

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