Designed for the most demanding clean liquid applications,

Gorman-Rupp G Series™ Heavy-Duty pumps combine high performance materials and innovative design to outperform all other pumps of their type.
Available in two styles – the stub shaft GHS and the compact stub shaft GHC – Heavy-Duty G Series are available in cast iron, shock-resistant cast steel and corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel to provide superior performance in countless pumping applications. They offer the premium quality features found on all G Series pumps, as well as performance and serviceability features that are unique to our heavy-duty line.


Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals and Similar:
• Oils • Fuels
• Fats • LPG
Viscous Liquids and Polymers:
• Glue, Adhesives • Varnish
• Grease • Styrenes
• Asphalt
Thermosensitive Liquids:
• Resins • Tar
• Acetic • Phosphoric
• Ketones • Acetone
Salts and Caustics:
• Soda Ash • Viscose
Papermill Liquids:
• Black Liquor • Tall Oil
• Kaolin
Heat Transfer Liquids:
• MobilTherm, DowTherm
Food Products:
• Chocolate
• Glucose
• Vegetable Oil
• Syrups

Simple and Precise Rotor Adjustment
Externally adjustable clearance, three piece design
provides easy precise rotor adjustment. Sealed double row
bearings are maintenance-free and provide thrust control.

Engineered Sealing Solutions
Gorman-Rupp offers the widest range of sealing solutions
available. For example, we offer minimum-leak and
abrasive resistant packing, cartridge single seal, cartridge
double seal, or triple lip cartridge seal.