JRZL Rotary Gear Pumps

ZL series are designed for broad applications spectrum covering dairies, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bakeries, detergents, liquors, chemical industries and LCD/PDP manufacturing etc. They are designed specifically for conveying fluids in the low to high viscosity range with gentle product handling.

JEC always provides various rotors to meet diverse customer’s requirements (Single wing, Bi-wing, Bi-lobe, Tri-lobe, Multi-lobe, Heli-lobe and Spur gear). A variety of connection options are available such as SMS, RJT, DIN, ISO, Tri-Clamp and Flanges.


♦Easy installation and maintenance

♦Approved EHEDG and 3-A, 1935/2004, FDA, CE and ATEX standards

♦Interchangeable rotor in field types without adjusting clearance

♦Thermal jacket hole plug mounted as optional

♦Single wing, bi-wing, tri-lobe, multi-lobe, heli-lobe, and spur-gear are available

♦Ideally designed for hygienic process are available and easily interchangeable in field to seal types due to unique front loading seal design

♦Mirror finish-standard 0.6 ㎛Ra optional 0.4 ㎛Ra (16Ra, 192grit)

♦Externally mounted seal for hygienic application

♦Balanced seal and multi-spring for rotary seal ring drive

♦Single mechanical seal, flushed mechanical seal, lip seal, O-ring seal, double mechanical seal

♦Maximum pressure : 290psi(20bar)

♦Maximum capacity : 440GPM(100 ㎥/hr)

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